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Talking in Block Cinema

vendredi 24 octobre 2014, par Moumen Smihi

Presenting films of the series Northwestern University April 2014

When studying in Paris, I discovered the cinema continent at the Langlois Cinemathèque Française.

I watched there Franck Borzage realist, William Wellman’s poetic and Leo MacCarey’s multi talented films.

I could never imagine that one day I’ll show my films in a same program.

I thank the Arab dahr- which means fate, time, luck… and thank you.

"Tears on the Ruins", not melancholy of Chergui.

Intertextuality of 44 Classic/popular poetry, Visconti/Jancso.

Texts-films of MC : narrative road movie.

Moving discovery in Chicago downtown : a huge photo of Freud on a building.

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