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Paris 11 janvier 15

lundi 23 février 2015, par Moumen Smihi

I wrote this to a friend in L.A :

" What a desperate situation in Paris these days. I learned in France with great thinkers such as the anthropologist Levi-Strauss, the writer Roland Barthes, the analyst Lacan… how to think about and get out of the religion ; Freud’s "Moses and Monotheism" is a splendid approach to the religious individual and collective neurosis. And here we are now with western intellectuals aggressing ONE religion only, a real regression in European history. Back to the religious wars. On another hand, very few Arab intellectuals cut off ties with the religion, even less the christian Arabs, notwithstanding belonging to a no more dominant and oppressive christianity. And in our Arab countries people are deeply religious, superstitious, the scientific and esthetic discourse is so poorly represented. Frightening and miserable times for us. "

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