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  • From Berkeley

    18 novembre 2013

    at BAM / PFA Unlike other theorists, though, who position themselves in direct opposition to Western influences, Smihi remains a poet of Tangier, where continents, religions, and outlooks have merged for countless years, and where room is made for churches, mosques, cinematheques, and brothels. All find their home in the films of Moumen Smihi, a body of work unlike any other, and proudly Tanjaoui. (...)

  • Rétro USA

    13 septembre 2013

    Présentation BMA/PFA Moumen Smihi : Poet of Tangier October 10, 2013 - October 27, 2013 “In his films as in his writing, Smihi continues to elaborate the need for an Arab cinema that critically engages its cultural and political environs not through the singularity of nationalist, postcolonial or religiously driven identity but by exploiting and further exploding the contradictions and heterogeneity that mark cinema’s existence in the Arab world.”—Peter Limbrick in Third Text 117 (2012)

One (...)

  • Rétro USA

    13 septembre 2013

    Berkeley, San Francisco, California Pacific Film Archive Présentation et programme : voir le lien :

  • Rétrospective USA 2013

    26 août 2013

    Universités américaines UCSC Berkeley informations détaillées prochainement avec le soutien du C.C.M, Rabat, Maroc

  • Tétouan, Maroc, 1995

    23 juillet 2011

    Institut Français de Tétouan. Université Abdelmalek Saadi. Fictions. Leçon de cinéma. Tournage d’un documentaire sur l’histoire du cinéma, version française, version arabe.

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