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Reporters du portable

dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Un nouveau cinéma.

Un montage de films tournés par les anonymes des révolutions arabes avec leurs portables.

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  • Reporters du portable Le 24 juillet 2012 à 06:51 , par gFpxSJHYLvkYd

    This is still in its fantasy thniikng of Steve Jobs. The critical word I see is "Efficiently" specially for the work on photoshop or indesign. Yeah tablets(android, ipads) have come a long way since their inception and they do allow you to Remote Desktop to control the desktop assuming you have good and reliable network. But for the professional kind of work they do not suite your needs just because the resolution on tablets is much less and connectivity could also be an issue.If I were you the best thing to do is to use a Webservice such as Dropbox or Zumodrive or microsoft’s skydrive(?) and drop your files. The first two provide 2GB free and Microsoft has 25GB free if you have some WindowsLive account. I would copy them to these places and come home and download them to your local desktop/laptop. Alternatively, use a portable USB drive to copy and can avoid all the network hassles. BTW, I have iPad and also Remote Desktop app as well. I use it mostly for ease of connectivity and things that I cannot do easily on iPad such as launch iTunes, so I can stream my movies from networked storage to my large screen LCD TV via Apple TV, or print a doc which is not easy to do so from iPad, copy things that I need from local machine to Network drives. Such activities I can easily do them. I have tried launching Photoshop, which works fine but the color contrasts and images do not look right and will have to repeat my work. I am not a professional photoshop user, but still love to do minimal edits which I always do on desktop (iMac 27" which is cool). Same goes for Video editing as well. I use iPad via remote connectivity to check the status of the DVD burning etc.Even a netbook is not good enough for real professional Photoshop editors, they are good for quick editing and viewing.

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  • Reporters du portable Le 29 avril 2015 à 15:22 , par Lowell

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