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Dernier ajout : 29 juillet 2015.

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  • Contre le misérabilisme

    9 juillet 2014, par Moumen Smihi

    Rossellini, non de Sica Roma, cita aperta, oui, Miracolo a Milano, non, le neo-réalisme n’est pas misérabiliste.

  • Gavin Lambert

    11 juin 2014, par Moumen Smihi

    George Clark triggering memories at Tate Modern. My friend George Clark curator at Tate Film told me the death of Gavin Lambert. In LA, 2005. I haven’t seen Gavin since 1987. The last two times I saw him : in the editing room of "Caftan d’Amour" in Paris, then at the screening of the film for him and for Paul Bowles at the Roxy Theatre in Tangier. "Caftan d’Amour" is a film between literature and cinema, born in the relationship with a writer, Paul Bowles, and a critic, a filmmaker (his (...)

  • Watching rewatching films

    24 février 2014, par Moumen Smihi

    After Teheran Film Festival A very good film has been rewarded best picture and best screenplay, coming from Estonia, " Tangerines ", by Zaza Urushadze. A moving picture, because promoting non violence when our world today is so brutal. Bruce Beresford, from Australia, attended the Fajr Film Fest, and I remembered his 4 Oscars film, " Driving Miss Daisy " (1990). We are not watching the same film through time. What appeared to me a beautiful, a brilliant hollywoodian comedy, seems to (...)